1. ChatGPT: Microsoft to invest billions in chatbot maker OpenAI with It announces a “multi-year, multibillion dollar investment” with OpenAI to accelerate breakthroughs. - This investment by Microsoft in OpenAI is a major step forward in the development of chatbot technology, which could have a huge impact on our lives in the future. It could lead to more efficient customer service, better communication between people, and even more personalized experiences.

  2. AI image creator faces UK and US legal challenges with Getty Images, one of the worlds biggest picture agencies, is taking action against Stability AI. - This legal challenge could have a significant impact on the development of AI image creators, as it could set a precedent for how AI-generated images are treated in the future. It could also lead to more stringent regulations on the use of AI-generated images, which could have a major impact on the creative industry.

  3. Nick Cave says ChatGPT’s AI attempt to write Nick Cave lyrics ‘sucks’ with The musician responds after a popular chatbot produces lyrics “in the style of Nick Cave”. - This is a reminder that AI technology is still in its early stages and has a long way to go before it can accurately replicate the creative process of humans. It also highlights the importance of protecting intellectual property rights, as AI technology could be used to create unauthorized copies of copyrighted works.