the journey begins

AI is becoming increasingly present in our daily lives, from self-driving cars to stock and currency trading, disease diagnosis, code-writing, copyright-free artwork creation and resume generation. Its impact on how we interact with technology and the internet is undeniable but it can be difficult to fully understand the capabilities of AI and how it can improve our lives.

This blog is the beginning of my journey with AI in the quest to find its purpose and usefulness. The content is already more than 90% generated by AI, from its inception when I asked chatGPT for steps to build an EC2 Linux AMI instance with nginx/PHP support to host the site, selecting a web template from teleportHQ with HEXO delivering static HTML content, and using to render the background graphics with the simple prompt “show robots building electric cars in a data centre”.

And perhaps one day, my vision of AI creating a blog about AI, written and maintained in its entirety by AI, will be realised. For now, this site will contain daily blog posts and weekly bulletins - content automatically created by passing RSS news feeds into the OpenAI’s API - where ideas for AI-powered apps are proposed to help solve some of the real-life problems found in our daily lives.