Out of the 43 news articles above, my trained model classified 10 of them as having a positive sentiment. From this filtered list, the article that had the highest count of completions in my training model was “Lily Gladstone: The Native American actress who could make Oscars history.”

This article is about Lily Gladstone, an actress who has the potential to make history by becoming the first Native American to win an Oscar for best actress. Gladstone’s breakthrough performance was in the critically acclaimed movie “Killers of the Flower Moon” where she plays a Native American woman whose family is murdered in the 1920s.

Gladstone’s rise to fame has been a long and challenging journey. She grew up on a reservation in Montana and was initially drawn to theater as a way to escape the harsh reality of her surroundings. But she soon realized that acting was her true passion and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream.

Despite facing numerous challenges and barriers as a Native American actress, Gladstone has persevered and has now caught the attention of Hollywood’s elite. Her performance in “Killers of the Flower Moon” has been praised by critics and has put her in the running for an Oscar nomination.

If Gladstone does indeed make history and becomes the first Native American to win an Oscar for best actress, it will not only be a personal achievement for her, but also a significant milestone for representation and diversity in the entertainment industry. It will show that talent and hard work can break through even the toughest barriers and inspire others to follow their dreams, regardless of their background.