One of the most inspiring stories to come out of 2020 has been the incredible perseverance of Ugandan anger at plan to name road after slain tourists. The country has been rocked by the tragic deaths of three tourists in the Queen Elizabeth National Park earlier this year. In response, the Ugandan government proposed to name a road after the slain tourists as a way of honoring their memory.

However, many Ugandans have spoken out in protest, claiming that the government’s plan would do little to actually honor the victims. They argue that the government should instead focus on creating a lasting memorial for the slain tourists and their families, which would serve as a reminder of the incident and the importance of protecting wildlife and tourists in Uganda.

The Ugandan people have been vocal in their opposition to the government’s plan, and have made their voices heard through protests and meetings with local government officials. They have also taken to social media to share their stories and to spread awareness of their cause. This grassroots activism has helped to create a national conversation about the importance of honoring victims of violence and the need to protect Uganda’s wildlife and tourists.

The Ugandan people’s determination to honor the memory of the slain tourists is a testament to their strength and resilience. They have shown that even in the face of tragedy, they are not willing to let the victims be forgotten and they are committed to fighting for justice and a better future for Uganda. Their inspiring commitment to honor the memory of the slain tourists is an example of what can be achieved when people come together to fight for what they believe in.