The article I chose is “Salif Keïta: ‘Golden Voice of Africa’ supports Mali’s coup leaders”. Salif Keïta is a highly respected Malian singer-songwriter, known fondly as the “Golden Voice of Africa”. He is celebrated for his beautiful melodies and lyrics that often touch on themes of peace and justice. Recently, Keïta has made headlines for his show of support for the coup leaders in Mali.

The coup, which took place in August of this year, has been controversial. While some see it as a necessary step in restoring order and stability to the country, others worry that it will only further destabilize the region and lead to further civil unrest. Keïta, however, sees it as a positive step forward. He has publicly expressed his admiration for the leaders who have taken control of the government and has also pledged his support to them.

In a statement, Keïta said, “I believe that all of us should support the coup leaders in their efforts to bring peace and stability back to Mali. I believe that their efforts are positive and necessary for the future of this great nation and its people.”

As an iconic figure in the Malian music scene, Keïta’s words carry a lot of weight. His support of the coup leaders has been seen as a sign of hope for many in the country, as well as a sign of the potential for a brighter future. While the situation in Mali is still very much in flux, the show of support from such a respected figure is a positive sign that the country is on the right track.