The article I have chosen is ‘Vinesh Phogat at Jantar Mantar: India wrestlers risk Olympic dream for #MeToo protest’.

India’s best wrestlers have taken a brave stand in support of the #MeToo movement. Vinesh Phogat, a Commonwealth Games gold medalist, and other female wrestlers have been protesting at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi for better pay and conditions. They are risking their Olympic dreams to stand up for what they believe in.

The female athletes are demanding better wages, insurance and a proper training environment. They are also demanding better protection from sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement has brought to light the widespread problem of sexual abuse of women in India, and these athletes are taking a stand against it.

The female wrestlers are also faced with the difficult decision of choosing between their Olympic dreams and supporting the #MeToo movement. As Vinesh Phogat has said, “We have to make a choice between our dreams and standing up for women’s rights.”

The athletes’ action is inspiring, and a reminder that no dream is worth sacrificing one’s ideals and values. It is a powerful statement of solidarity and resistance. It is also a reminder of the power of collective action in achieving social change.

The Indian government should take note of the athletes’ demands and take steps to ensure the safety and security of female athletes in India. The #MeToo movement has shown that women are no longer willing to be silent in the face of injustice and inequality.

The female wrestlers’ protest at Jantar Mantar is a brave and inspiring act of courage. It is a reminder that no dream is worth sacrificing one’s ideals and values, and that collective action can bring about real social change.