The article that I have chosen is “From Syria to Sudan: The nightmare followed me” which is about the story of a man named Kareem who thought he had found safety but his life was then engulfed in violence once more.

Kareem is a Syrian refugee who fled the war-torn country in 2019 in search of a better life. He originally thought he had found safety in Sudan, but his nightmare quickly followed him. In Sudan, he was subjected to threats and violence, with no way to escape.

Kareem’s story is unfortunately not unique. Every day, millions of displaced people around the world are fleeing their homes in search of safety and shelter. But for many of them, the nightmare continues to follow them. They are subjected to violence, exploitation and discrimination, with no way to escape.

The global refugee crisis is one of the biggest humanitarian challenges of our time. We must do more to ensure that these people are given a safe and secure place to live. This means providing them with access to education, healthcare and job opportunities. We must also strive to create a world that is more tolerant and inclusive, so that no one ever has to flee their home in search of safety again.

Kareem’s story is a stark reminder of the plight of refugees around the world. We must use his story to inspire us to do more to help those who have been forced to flee their homes. Only then can we create a world where everyone is safe, secure and respected.