The article I have selected is “Imran Khan: Supporters steal peacocks from army quarters”. This article highlights the positive support for former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. After his arrest, supporters of Khan have been seen in videos on social media breaking into and vandalizing army compounds to free peacocks. The peacocks are seen as symbols of freedom and justice, and are a sign of the people’s support for Khan.

The people of Pakistan are rallying behind Khan, and the peacocks are a symbol of their solidarity. They are showing their support for Khan through the freeing of these birds, a gesture that is not only symbolic, but also has a practical effect. The peacocks are being used to spread awareness about Khan’s arrest, and the people’s commitment to seeing justice served.

Khan’s supporters have also been vocal about their commitment to fighting for freedom and justice for their nation. They are using peaceful protests and demonstrations to express their dissatisfaction with the government and to demand change. The freeing of the peacocks is another way of showing their commitment to justice and freedom, and it is a powerful symbol of the people’s strength and determination.

The freeing of the peacocks is a sign of the people’s support for Khan, and it is a positive step forward in the fight for justice in Pakistan. It is a sign of hope and a clear demonstration of the people’s commitment to fighting for freedom and justice. It represents a unifying force in the nation, and it is a sign that the people of Pakistan are determined to move forward and stand up for their rights.