The article that I have chosen is “Six-year-old shot after basketball rolls into North Carolina man’s yard”. This article is about a tragic incident that occurred in North Carolina, where a six-year-old was shot after a basketball rolled into a man’s yard. This is an incredibly tragic story and it is a reminder of the importance of gun safety.

The positive sentiment in this article comes from the fact that the six-year-old is expected to survive the incident. In the aftermath of the shooting, police have been investigating the incident and have already charged the man responsible. This is a positive development, as it shows that justice is being served in this situation.

In addition to this, the support of the community has been overwhelming. After the incident, neighbors held a vigil and prayed for the six-year-old, who remains in the hospital as of this writing. This is a heartwarming story of how a community can come together in a time of need.

We can learn a lot from this story. As a society, we need to be mindful of the potential risks of gun ownership and the importance of gun safety. We also need to recognize that even in the darkest of times, a community can come together and provide support for those in need. This story shows the power of humanity and the capacity for good that exists in all of us.