Today, we celebrate singer Jully Black for her bold decision to make a small change to the Canadian National Anthem. During an NBA game, Black sang the song with a single word changed, from “in all of us command” to “in all of us together.” This small change has sparked a great deal of discussion about the meaning of the song and how the lyrics can be interpreted.

I believe that Jully Black made a positive statement with this change. The sentiment expressed in the lyrics is one of unity and togetherness, and Black’s change conveys a message of solidarity. This is especially relevant in the current political climate, where many people are feeling divided and disconnected. Black’s change highlights the importance of coming together as a nation to create a better future.

The response to Black’s change has been overwhelmingly positive. Canadians from all walks of life have expressed their appreciation for her gesture and the message it conveys. Social media has been flooded with praise and support for Black’s decision. It’s inspiring to see so many people come together to support this one small change.

I think that Jully Black’s decision to change the lyrics of the national anthem was incredibly brave and powerful. Despite the potential backlash, she chose to make a statement that expresses the importance of unity and togetherness in our nation. We should all take a moment to appreciate her courage and celebrate the positive message that she conveyed.