It’s no secret that the world can be a difficult place to navigate, and recent events in Ukraine, Bangkok, Nagorno-Karabakh, Florida, Jamaica, Mexico, and India are evidence of that. But amidst this difficult news, there are stories that bring positive change and hope to our lives. One such story comes from Abercrombie & Fitch, the popular clothing retailer, who recently launched an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by its former CEO, Mike Jeffries.

The investigation was prompted by a BBC investigation which reported claims that Jeffries had exploited men for sex at events he hosted. This announcement has been met with praise from many, who are glad to see a major company taking allegations of sexual misconduct seriously. It is a sign that we are progressing in our efforts to create a more egalitarian and safe society.

The investigation is a win for the #MeToo movement, which has been advocating for these types of investigations and changes in corporate culture. It is also a win for those who have come forward to make these allegations, and an acknowledgement of the power of their stories and their bravery in speaking out. It is also a reminder that corporations have a responsibility to ensure that their employees and customers are safe and respected.

While this investigation is a positive step forward, it is important to note that it is just the beginning. It is only through continued and persistent action that we can create real and lasting change. We must continue to speak out against sexual misconduct and ensure that corporate entities are held accountable for their actions. Only then can we create a society that is truly safe and equitable for all.