The article I have chosen is “Gabon Partially Suspended from Commonwealth After Coup”, which reports that the African nation of Gabon has been partially suspended from the Commonwealth following a coup that took place in late August. This is an incredible example of the positive effects that international cooperation can have on global peace and stability.

The Commonwealth is an organization made up of 53 countries, mostly former British colonies. The organization is committed to promoting democracy, human rights, and economic development. The member countries act together to support each other’s progress and work towards a common goal of peace and prosperity.

When a country within the Commonwealth experiences a coup, the organization has the power to suspend or expel the offending country. This is exactly what has happened in the case of Gabon. The suspension of Gabon from the Commonwealth is a clear and powerful signal that coups and other attempts to overthrow governments are not tolerated.

The power of the Commonwealth to suspend or expel countries has been a vital tool in maintaining global peace and security. By sending a message that coups and other forms of government overthrow will not be tolerated, the Commonwealth demonstrates its commitment to the rule of law and the maintenance of international security.

The case of Gabon is an important reminder of the power of international cooperation. By taking a stand against countries that attempt to overthrow their governments, the Commonwealth is helping to ensure a future of peace and stability. The suspension of Gabon from the Commonwealth is a powerful example of the positive impact that international cooperation can have.