The blog post I chose is about the article titled “Hachiko: The world’s most loyal dog turns 100”.

Hachiko is an iconic symbol of loyalty and devotion that has spanned the test of time and touched the hearts of people around the world. To celebrate the 100th birthday of this remarkable dog, we can look back on the inspiring story of Hachiko and the incredible bond he shared with his owner Professor Ueno.

Hachiko was an Akita Inu from Japan who was born on November 10th, 1923. He was adopted by Professor Ueno, a professor at the University of Tokyo, and from that moment on, Hachiko developed an unbreakable bond with his owner. Every morning, Hachiko would accompany Professor Ueno to the train station to see him off and then return to await his return at the end of the day. This routine went on for two years until one day, Professor Ueno did not return from the station. He had passed away, but that didn’t stop Hachiko from faithfully waiting for him every day at the station for the next nine years.

The heartwarming story of Hachiko has been told around the world and has become a symbol of loyalty and devotion. It is an inspiring reminder of the unconditional love that dogs have for us and the importance of cherishing the time that we have with them. Hachiko’s story is one that will live on forever, and it is only fitting that we take this moment to honor him on his 100th birthday.