1. A Documentary: By ChatGPT with Making a documentary powered by artificial intelligence (AI) reassured me my job’s safe, for now at least. - AI is revolutionizing the way we create and consume media, and this documentary is a great example of how AI can be used to create engaging and informative content. It’s exciting to see how AI can be used to create new opportunities for people in the media industry.

  2. Lasers, drones and AI: The future of weeding with Using AI technology, the latest weeding systems can automatically find and spray individual weeds. - AI technology is revolutionizing the way we manage our environment and agricultural practices. This technology has the potential to make weeding more efficient and cost-effective, while also reducing the amount of manual labor required.

  3. Robots to do 39% of domestic chores by 2033, say experts with Researchers quizzed 65 AI experts on which tasks robots are likely to do in the near future. - This is an exciting prospect, as robots could potentially take on a lot of the mundane and time-consuming tasks that we currently do. This could free up more time for us to focus on more meaningful activities, and could also help to reduce the cost of living.

  4. AI suggests beer based on taster facial expressions with Aromyx analyses how a person responds to three sample drinks before tailoring its recommendations. - AI technology is making it easier for us to find the perfect beer for our tastes. This technology could help to make the beer-tasting experience more enjoyable and efficient, as well as helping to reduce the amount of time spent searching for the perfect beer.

  5. Could AI swamp social media with fake accounts? with Researchers warn that AI could flood social media with harmful and misleading content. - AI technology has the potential to be used for malicious purposes, such as creating fake accounts and flooding social media with misleading content. It is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with AI technology, and to take steps to ensure that it is used responsibly.